B119 - Orange / Deep Magenta

Born 14th December, 2020 at 11:45am


The number 20 has been very significant this year, in Aura-Soma bottle 20 is the Star Child. In a sense this bottle represents the difficulties of the child, the shock, the traumas, all the difficulties on the timeline, ancestrally and in relationships. When we consider the Star Child (B20) we also consider Sandalphon (B98) the return journey of the 20 and the reverse of Echo (B118); there´s a sense that in Ceres something very significant has the potential to be reversed. The Red/Violet B19 always reminds me of George Harrison's song, “Living in the material world”. It's almost as though everyone on the planet has been challenged by this. How do we live in the material world in 2020? Our whole appreciation has been changed and challenged.

There's also the physical rescue within the 19, the 1, showing us what needs to take place, how it is that if we want something different, we need to take responsibility either within the physicality or in what we choose to manifest.

Also let´s just briefly look at the 11/89 which obviously has a relationship at a colour level (Red/Deep Magenta), it is called the 'Energy Rescue' and no doubt Ceres will also be called the 'Shock Rescue'. Let's see how it is that it might be helpful in relation to healing the timeline, both for ourselves in this life and also the causal factors genetically or ancestrally that have left us where we are now that need to be re-evaluated.

The seeds that have been planted in the past, that have led us to the situation that we face now. This bottle gives us an immense possibility of healing the trauma and shock, not only for coming into incarnation at this time but also by being able to plant the seeds of light and bliss for those who are yet to come. The 11 is always a doorway, the sequence that has unfolded with the 11 at the beginning from 110 to 119 offers us doorways. The 119 must be a deeper level of meditation (B9), of mindfulness and awareness of gaining insight through practice. To rescue our self in the midst of an alarm clock going off on the timeline. The meditations we have been sharing in the network of Aura-Soma over the last months must be a contribution, however small, towards the solution. The potential through gaining insight is that it becomes a resource for the light that lies within. Because the 119 relates to the 10 Star it indicates that it is to do with the deeper aspects of our Being, what might be referred to as the third body. What lies beyond the thinking (9 Star) and the feeling (11 Star) is our Being. The 10 Star also talks about the causal nature, “as we plant so shall we reap.” This is such a strong theme with Ceres, she is the Goddess of the Harvest and the nurturing and the planting of the seed.

Every thought and every feeling carries a frequency, a seed for something that is to emanate in the world, how it is that we might grow the plants that we truly wish with our intention rather than the unconscious manipulative tendencies.

Ceres within the Roman mythology is known for the mother's love, the nurturing of the mother. How through Ceres coming into being we might heal the relationship with the mother, the mother being both our physical mother and the being of the Earth, Gaia. This relationship is paramount for the future and how it is that the very deepest happiness (Orange) can come about if we understand that relationship, what she asks of us. The Deep Magenta in the base is also an indication of how critical the situation is at this point in time, the Deep Magenta contains all the colours, the love from above and the love in the little things, giving us the opportunity to bring all of that to the fullness of Orange.

Let's also say that we can see in the 119 another aspect of the 20 as the spiritual rescue (0) of the Goddess (2), it is so specific with Ceres, how we need to nurture ourselves first and foremost to find the motherly love within ourselves and for ourselves, to find the motherly seed to nurture what it is that has been in un-love within ourselves.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel where our relationship with time changes when we enter the moment without hesitation. Each moment is essentially free, and it is only what we bring into the moment, from conditioning or the ghosts of the past, that corrupts the energy of the moment. Ceres offers us the opportunity to let go to find solace with Uriel (the Return Journey of the 19, the 97) to gain clarity towards the wisdom that lies within.

Ceres, the daughter of Saturn and Ops who were Titans, and equivalent to Demeter in Greek mythology, was one of six of the first Gods, along with Pluto (or in Greek mythology, Hades), Vesta (Hestia), Neptune (Poseidon), Juno (Hera), Jupiter (Zeus), her siblings.

The most famous story regarding Ceres is of her daughter, Prosperpina, being stolen away to the underworld by Pluto. Ceres, devastated at having lost her daughter, searched tirelessly neglecting her 'duties' leading to droughts and famine. Upon learning her daughter was in the Underworld she begged for her to be released, Pluto agreed but only for 6 months a year. This compromise results in our seasons, the winter months being whilst Prosperpina is in the Underworld and Ceres longing for her daughter and the glorious, fruitful summer months represent Ceres bursting joy at being reunited with her beloved daughter.

Ceres protects women's transitions, from girlhood to womanhood, from unmarried life to married life and motherhood. Also Ceres can be known to help the deceased transition to the afterlife if given appropriate rites.

The etymology of 'Ceres' is thought to be 'kerh' meaning 'to nourish, satiate or feed'.

With Love and Light





Echo B118 Pale Coral/Pale Violet - May 14th 2020 12:00 PM BST

In the wake of this tumultuous, uncertain time, the arrival of Echo can support us in finding the gold within, loving ourselves and letting go of fear.

What do the colours mean?

When we look into the Pale Coral at Aura-Soma we immediately think of unrequited love and the story of Narcissus. Narcissus, well known for falling in love with his own reflection, was the object of desire of a mountain nymph named Echo. Narcissus went out hunting and when he became lost and alone, he cried out for his friends ‘Where are you?’. Having followed him into the woods Echo saw her opportunity to approach him however she could only repeat his words. In desperation Echo ran to Narcissus and threw herself upon him only to find her advances rejected and her love unrequited.

Many years previously Hera, wife of Zeus, had taken Echo’s voice, her ability to speak in a lucid way as she was jealous of her husband’s visits to the mountains and the nymphs who lived there. To avoid Heras capture and her jealous rage, Zeus called upon Echo to intercept his wife with her golden tongue. When Hera realised what Echo had done, she stole her voice and cursed Echo to only be able to repeat what she heard. In her actions Hera had thwarted Echo’s ability to later express her love for Narcissus.

Pan, who was used to asserting himself over the nymphs or the goddesses of the time, fell deeply in love with Echo, however Echo did not feel the same way and Pan’s love was also to become unrequited. Pan was so angry at her rejection he instructed his shepherds to tear Echo to pieces. Gaia, the Earth Mother, who had been witness to everything, knew everything that had happened with Hera, with Narcissus, and that had culminated with Echo’s murder at Pan’s behest, had a lot of compassion towards Echo. Gaia decided to commemorate Echo and her golden voice throughout the whole of her own being. Leaving a small piece of her in every corner of the Earth, in the wind, the trees, even in dark cold caves, so wherever we hear an echo we are reminded of Gaia’s compassion towards Echo, and the compassion we should have for each other and the being of the Earth.  

When we think about this Story of Echo and the unrequited love of the Pale Coral and apply that to our own situation and think about when our love is most unrequited, we might see it’s often within ourselves. We find it so difficult to love ourselves as we bring so much judgement to ourselves. By making that unrequited love more conscious, by showing more compassion to ourselves and suspending the judgement of ourselves, then we might become more conscious in the relationship with ourselves. Judgement happens all too easily, it happens all too frequently and in that judgement we deny so much of ourselves becoming fragmented.

I feel that with Echo there is a synchronicity and a deepening of the process that began with Pan; with Pan we found an empowerment as the spirit in nature. Now Pan has another aspect, what we see in this bottle and the fragmentation of Echo is the potential of resolution going beyond the unrequited love.

The resolution comes in so many levels: The Pale Violet has always been a deep level of transmutation. This transmutation associated with the Master, St Germain, but it is also a transmutation at a cellular level. This situation that humanity’s been facing has a deceptive quality along with its own reality because of the fear that has been generated around something which is the opposite of the Pale Violet, the Pale Yellow, that fear, in its intense form has almost spread like a plague across the world. This fear has become a global phenomenon, as media, social media, all of the different ideas and opinions that have been expanded through all of these mediums and with all the different views that have gone along with it, the fear has been compounded. The collective fear has touched almost everyone and the Pale Violet, the opposite of the Pale Yellow, offers the antidote.

Our caring, warmth, compassion and love can make a difference within the space generated outside ourselves which we name “fear”. We’ve always said, love and fear can’t exist in the same space, increasing our awareness of this and the growth of the light body, becomes an antidote for what is happening at this time.

Mike Booth Chairman of Aura-Soma Products



B117 - Turquoise / Red

Born 11th November, 2019 at 11:11am GMT


I'm excited for the birth of our new bottle and it feels like another really important step in the evolution of the system. Turquoise/Red and called Pan, almost the expression of the consort to Queen Mab, a wonderful moment in time (11/11), there's so many openings for us, doorways to levels of being as the 11 is always a doorway.

When this bottle comes to be it comes through an open door predicting and inspiring us towards that which is to come.

The spirit in nature revealed in a dynamic form, the spirit of nature that is contained in all trees, plants, crystals, gems, and within ourselves; in fact the spirit of nature wherever it may exist. The Turquoise is always the creative force as its principal aspect as well as an expression of the journey; it seems to me when it is linked with the Red that that creative force really comes to Earth. That we may manifest a creativity, that we may come to understand our thoughts and feelings, our Being and how they shape our own reality. In a way it's a bottle that I feel is going to help each of us in taking responsibility for our inner journey, in a way that goes beyond projections or transference. The Turquoise we also think strongly of in relation to the journey of individuation and as more consciousness waves become available to us in the light grid upon the earth, it's as though we can become grounded and can do so in a way that has been previously less available. Activation by the elders that's necessary for the being of the Earth to support us individually and collectively in the journey towards ourselves.

Because of the obvious and profound connection with Queen Mab I wanted to quote the 'Hymn of Pan' by Percy Byshe Shelley:

From the forests and highlands

We come, we come;

From the river-girt islands,

Where loud waves are dumb

Listening to my sweet pipings.

The wind in the reeds and the rushes,

The bees on the bells of thyme,

The birds on the myrtle bushes,

The cicale above in the lime,

And the lizards below in the grass,

Were as silent as ever old Tmolus was,

Listening to my sweet pipings.

Liquid Peneus was flowing,

And all dark Tempe lay

In Pelion's shadow, outgrowing

The light of the dying day,

Speeded by my sweet pipings.

The Sileni, and Sylvans, and Fauns,

And the Nymphs of the woods and the waves,

To the edge of the moist river-lawns,

And the brink of the dewy caves,

And all that did then attend and follow,

Were silent with love, as you now, Apollo,

With envy of my sweet pipings.

I sang of the dancing stars,

I sang of the daedal Earth,

And of Heaven, and the giant wars,

And Love, and Death, and Birth-

And then I chang'd my pipings,

Singing how down the vale of Maenalus

I pursu'd a maiden and clasp'd a reed.

Gods and men, we are all deluded thus!

It breaks in our bosom and then we bleed.

All wept, as I think both ye now would,

If envy or age had not frozen your blood,

At the sorrow of my sweet pipings.

In his poem Shelley writes of a musical contest between Pan and Apollo. In the Greek Mythology, where Apollo is the god of music, Pan was attributed as the god of rustic music, of nature, of the wild, of shepherds and of mountains - his creativity comes from his senses. This expression of the beauty in nature and using the senses to feel rather than relying on the intellect is further expressed within Pan's pipes. In the tale from Ovid's 'Metamorphoses' the pipes are created when Pan attempts to hold the nymph Syrinx only to discover that he is clasping reeds. Syrinx's beauty has continued from herself as a nymph to her reed-form, it is this existential inner beauty Pan finds irresistible - she is no longer thinking or feeling - with Pan she has truly become.

Half man, half goat Pan is also very often associated with sex, often seen with a phallus. As we look at the red in the base fraction this sexual energy or kundalini energy cannot be denied.

Red energy is often associated with rage and it's interesting that the word Panic comes from Pans rage when he was woken from his afternoon sleep. This awakening from slumber, the awakening from the dream, the awakening from another state of being can often be accompanied by a sense of rage, a sense of anger, a sense of being not oneself, for truly if it is that we begin to awaken then we face the unfamiliar, the void or emptiness. This combination really brings us to a different sort of awareness, the awareness that really has the potential of awakening.

Baruch Spinoza, a 17th Century philosopher published many works theorising on the divine in all nature, many would call him the father of pantheism. This spirit in nature is also something to be revered, something to be acknowledged and in our time the necessity for it to be resurrected. Queen Mab and Pan really call upon us in this re-evaluation.

Today, Mercury will pass directly in front of the sun, it will take five and a half hours to cross the face of the sun, Mercury is 1/194th the diameter of the sun so a telescope with a solar filter will be required to see it, weather permitting. The last time Mercury crossed the sun was May, 2016 and before that in 2006. Mercury transits happen 13 times per century on average.

Mercury is the key signifier for our communication, similarly reflective in the Turquoise, upper fraction of Pan, along with analytical abilities and intellect and the energy to express it coming from the Red. This is the bottle that might help us to express the deeper levels of our feelings from the depth of ourselves.

We come to a time when in Aura-Soma we are really putting an emphasis in relation to social and media communications, the energy that is necessary for Aura-Soma to be more visible and less niche in the world. The way this translates itself in this bottle is only too apparent. It's a wonderful opportunity for the community of Aura-Soma to have an understanding of the system and its unfoldment to really come together to utilise the opportunity that the company has invested in, in relation to the portal, the website, the opportunity to bring our energies together to help to fulfil the vision and the support of humanity in the awakening journey at this point in time. In a way it's a precursor for events, beginning in 2020 so one of the doorways is also for the next few months, reflection, growth, inspiration, creativity being grounded in daily life. The test of that doorway 11/7 shows us every time a door opens we might have to face something unexpected, something unfamiliar and the uncomfortable nature where our faith is tested. There is an Essene connection of the 11, the chain of flowers being tested as to what's true and what needs re-evaluation. As it comes together as a 9 via the 18 then also it reminds us of the potential of awakening that began in the hybridisation that began in ancient Egypt and gave us the opportunity to awaken the snake within ourselves as part of the heart within the heart of the 9, this creative force ever present through world culture from the earliest beginnings from the earliest times up to the present day. To follow the light within. Something that I also wish to share is that this bottle might also help to protect us from frequencies of manipulation if we really work with it with our appropriate intentions.

With Love and Light




Sacred Journey in Dingle 

With Mike Booth

July 2020

"Come away o human child 

To the waters & the wild 

With a faery hand in hand …. "

                                  W.B. Yeats

Welcome to the magic of Dingle, to our fourth sacred journey to The Dingle Diamond Temple Landscape in the South West of Ireland. 

The inspiration for this year’s journey came close to the birth of B116, Queen Mab. The call of the nature spirits to this area is not surprising. 

It was here, about 5,000 years ago, the Tuatha De Danann (the people of the Goddess Dana or mythical fairy people of Ireland) built a great temple of the sun. The temple is comprised of many sacred sites, each aligned with the solar events of the year (equinoxes & solstices) as well as the 13 lunar months of the year. 

The World of Faery is intrinsic to this area. 

A fitting place to welcome Queen Mab. 

Also, intrinsic to this area is the Michelic energy. Just off the coast of Dingle is Skellig Michael, an important energy point on the “Michael Line”. From here it enters Ireland, crosses through Europe and continues on to the Middle East. The majestic, serrated, rocky island is a Great Light Presence for any journey on the Dingle Peninsula … for any journey into the “temple”. 

In Aura-Soma® we talk about the Angelic – Human – Devic connection. How lovely it would be if you, dear human, could join us on this sacred journey, in the company of Queen Mab and the overlighting Angelic Presence of Angel Michael. 

Another synchronous aspect of this journey is that the 25th July is the Day Out of Time, traditionally related to the day of conjunction with the sun with Sirius Rising. It’s seven years since 2012, prompting great celebration and ritual in the Mayan worlds, as cycles end and new ones open. What a delight that Aura Soma will celebrate “Time is Art” in beautiful Dingle.

The Dingle Peninsula is an area of great natural beauty. It is very light filled and pure, wild and beautiful. The roar of the Atlantic waves, the feather light breath of the fairy glens, the majesty of the Holy Mountain, the grace of Fairy Queen Mab and the Light of Archangel Michael….all prepare a setting for this sacred journey 

With much love, we invite you to the beauty, the light and the grace of our sacred journey in Dingle at this auspicious time.  

Cost for the course:  Early bird €830 before 30 April 2019.  Full price €940.    It includes Mike’s teaching, local coach travel and lunch each day.

Deposit:  €100 on booking (payment to  Cathleen Morley). 

Contact:    Cathleen Morley Tel:     +353 (0)1 285 7731  Email: cathleen.morley@indigo.ie



B116 - Royal Blue / Magenta

Born 14th January, 2019 at 14:00pm GMT


Queen Mab


Royal Blue invites us to see ourselves more clearly, and rather than focusing on the external projections of ourselves, it supports us to look within. As the Royal Blue is now linked in this bottle with the Magenta in its bright form, not Deep Magenta as in B0, it is also encouraging us to look without judgement at what we see in ourselves. This bottle marks a very significant shift in relation to the system of Aura-Soma. To me it’s really part of the new beginnings of what Beyond Colour has been all about. It gives us the indication that really Aura-Soma is for those who wish to re-member themselves, to pull together the parts to be able to be in the position to bring the different aspects of our being together. Putting less emphasis on what we think about things or how it is we feel and to perceive those aspects of our being as the passing clouds behind the clear blue sky of mind. The crystal clarity of the mind itself in terms of the night sky is reflected in the conscious level of this bottle, the upper fraction. The unconscious/subconscious aspect, the Magenta shows us how important it is that we put our caring, our warmth, our love in to the little things, how it is that we begin to manifest that compassion towards ourselves with others how it is that we might find the way to overcome our differences. The Magenta supports the possibility of integration within ourselves, the integration of the discrepancies of the inner conflicts which we inevitably see as we begin to penetrate deeper into looking in to ourselves at the deeper levels of ourselves.

The birthing process in terms of my awareness came prior to December 14th, became actualised on December 14th and has continued to grow until it is that this birth has taken place. Queen Mab is the Queen of the Fairies.

Queen Mab has appeared in many different theological and artistic works, she is referred to by Shakespeare in ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and frequently in Irish lore under the name of Mab along with, Maebh, Medb and Maeve. Medb is known as a Celtic Sovereignty Goddess of War and Fertility. In many texts she is referred to as having sexual prowess and dominance. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote an epic moral poem called ‘Queen Mab’ in which he refers to her as ‘Queen of Spells’.


I am the Fairy Mab: to me ‘tis given

The wonders of the human world to keep:

The secrets of the immeasurable past,

In the unfailing consciences of men,

Those stern, unflattering chroniclers, I find:

The future, from the causes which arise

In each event, I gather: not the sting

Which retributive memory implants

In the hard bosom of the selfish man;

Nor that extatic and exulting throb

Which virtue’s votary feels when he sums up

The thoughts and actions of a well-spent day,

Spirit of Nature! here!

In this interminable wilderness

Of worlds, at whose immensity

Even soaring fancy staggers,

Here is thy fitting temple.

Yet not the lightest leaf

That quivers to the passing breeze

Is less instinct with thee:

Yet not the meanest worm

That lurks in graves and fattens on the dead

Less shares thy eternal breath.

Spirit of Nature! thou!

Imperishable as this scene,

Here is thy fitting temple.

Percy Bysshe Shelley was recognised as being unconventional, an idealist and an avid vegetarian. He thought of vegetarianism as a way of life, a way of putting the care in the little things, he recognised the discrepancy between loving animals and eating them, he challenged convention. Shelley’s view was not only a political gesture, it was also socioeconomic and to do with the being of the earth, his love of nature, his love of animals and how he found the conventional forms of relationship something which were very difficult to adhere to. In other words the love, like that which is in the base of the bottle, and what it is that we’re asked to look at within ourselves is beyond convention.

The numbering is very significant with this particular bottle, we know the whole of the system of Aura-Soma comes to be an 8, the whole of the numerological significance of the letters Aura-Soma are a 26/8. With the 116 we’ve got an 8. When we look at the numbers of the time of the birth then 14/1/2019 > 9, the way that could be seen is an 18/9. That feels to me very appropriate because the Physical Rescue with the 8 is almost like a supportive energy for what is contained within the 8. When we look at the significance of that 8 appearing then we’ve also got to look at the Spiritual Rescue, the 0 and we’ve also got to look at the 20, the Child Rescue or the New Aeon Rescue or the Star Child, the B20 shows itself in a deeper form, kind of in between the 0 and the 20. In that sense the 8 relationship with the beginning bottle of the sequence, the 0, then the 2 with the 0 as being something that is also encompassing that spiritual rescue quality because of the 0 with the 2. When we look at the 8 as the bottle in between (in terms of the colour gradation) the lighter version of the 0 and the deeper version of the 20 so it is then that we’re looking at something very profound of how it might also be a deeper level of spiritual rescue and the inner journey of perhaps that part of ourselves that stands at the edge of the cliff with all of the potential of what can be in relation to the elements and yet we need to learn and to understand how it is that through getting in touch with the elements we can work with them in cooperation with nature spirits, with the energy of Queen Mab as a kind of number 2 energy, a kind of High Priestess energy, she’s also part of the spirit of nature herself, like Shekinah. Shekinah as the female aspect Kabbalahisitically hidden in nature.

The birth of Queen Mab falls between two eclipses making this a very poignant time for the birth of a new bottle. The partial solar eclipse on January 5th signifies that many possibilities are available and we can start afresh, cleansing old behaviour patterns in order that we are able to make progress.



With Love and Light