Please note: Introductory teachers are available to give talks/workshops only. Level 1may teach to Foundation, level 2 may teach to Intermediate, level3 may teach to Advanced.

Name Location Phone E-mail Level Details
Cathleen Morley Dalkey, Co Dublin 01-2857731 Cathleen Morley 3 National Distributor
May Coyle Dundalk 0429380085/0877626892 May Coyle 3 Sacred Dance, Yoga, Interior Design
Maeve Murran Garristown, Co. Dublin



Maeve Murran Introductory Teacher Kinesiology, Reiki (28 Cardinal Frequencies, 7 layers of Aura, 7 Chakras, 14 Meridians)
Patricia Weldon Tara, Co. Meath 046 9025660 Patricia Weldon Introductory Teacher Chartered Physiotherapist, Craniosacral practicioner,birth and prenatal therapist
Olive Daly By arrangment 0857400616  


Reflexology; Teacher of 72 Angels of the Kabbalah with Aura-Soma