The Air Conditioners are a new offering within the Aura-Soma product range. Created as "energetic" air fresheners they give the possibility to potentially alter the energetics of the space we occupy. Many clients who are familiar with the energies of the Pomanders and Quintessences will see the great potential to be able to use these new energizers within their environment.

Once these essences have been dispatched into the air space of an area, it is possible to trace a sound made many, many years ago with sensitive scientific instruments. Further, the way in which the particles and wave forms of colour and light bounce within a space are also perceivable.

An expansion of Vicky’s vision to clear the etheric and astral fields around the body, was to create an energetic environment for ourselves - one that was compatible with our "own true colours". If you lack the experience of selecting a particular Pomander or Quintessence, then chose the Air Conditioner that corresponds to the colour of the base fraction portion of the 'Equilibrium Bottle' that you are attracted to the most.

The Air Conditioners set up within the environment the possibility of a new energetic space through which the process of awareness and increasing consciousness may develop. The Air Conditioners are designed to support this process at an energetic level. They carry the energies of the Pomanders and Quintessences, potentised or amplified, for use within the environment.

One may use the Air Conditioners with the full knowledge and confidence that they are using and breathing in only natural ingredients and no harmful and otherwise irritating synthetic ingredients. They are packaged in a pump spray in a non-aerosol format.