An important part of the Aura-Soma community is the sharing of insight. The community is as much about the help that we can provide to each other as it is to clients. As such, Aura-Soma Ireland is building a library of useful articles culled from a variety of sources, including newsletters, websites and those written originally for the site.

The articles are listed according to their relevant subjects, and from there by date of entry, with newest articles coming first. If you cannot find an article on a particular subject, then we would suggest having a look at the Links page instead, where you might find sources that can help you.


Topic Description


How might we interpret colour?
Astrology Aura-Soma and astrology.
Numerology Aura-Soma and numeric systems.
Symbolism Colour and symbolism.
Tarot Aura-Soma and the Tarot.
Environment One's environment resonates with colour.
Kabbala Aura-Soma and the Tree of Life.